Grand Prix ECOLOGY

I. Nature

1. Underwater world
2. National Parks
3. Beauty of Nature

II. Environmental Degradation

4. Global Environmental Threats
5. Environmental Threats and Industry
6. Environmental Threats and Individuals

III. Environmental Protection

7. Protection of Nature
8. Renewable Energy Sources
9. Sustainable Technologies
10. Ecological Investments and Projects

IV. Lifestyle

11. Eco-food
12. Eco-lifestyle
13. Active Tourism

V. On Line Media

14. Internet TV/Internet Channel
15. Video Log
16. Internet Spot
17. Virals

VI. Social Campaigns

18. Promotional Campaigns
19. Informational/Educational Campaigns

All films submitted in the above categories will be assessed in the following:

Best Director
Best Pictures
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best Music
Best Animation
Best Special Effects

From all the above-mentioned categories, film presenting the greatest artistic values can be rewarded with Grand Prix ART.