Grand Prix TOURISM

I. Promotion of countries

1. Commercial (up to 1 min)
2. Promotional Film (1-5 min)
3. Promotional/Informational Film (more than 5 min)

II. Promotion of regions

4. Commercial (up to 1 min)
5. Promotional Film (1-5 min)
6. Promotional/Informational Film (more than 5 min)

III. Promotion of cities

7. Commercial (up to 1 min)
8. Promotional Film (1-5 min)
9. Promotional/Informational Film (more than 5 min)

IV. TV Productions

10. TV Documentary (up to 1 hour)
11. TV Series

V. Cultural Tourism

12. Promotional film
13. Educational Film
14. Promotion of Cultural Events
15. Famous People
16. Religious Tourism

VI. Sport Tourism

17. Sport (sport attractions, passive and active participation in sport events)
18. Outdoor Activities (mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, etc.)

VII. Tourist Services

19. Hotels
20. Wellness and SPA
21. Sanatoriums and Medical Tourism
22. Transportation
23. Promotional Film by Travel Agencies
24. Tourism Product (wine routes, canoeing, theme parks, etc.)

VII. Business Tourism

25. Economic Promotion of Countries
26. Economic Promotion of Regions
27. Economic Promotion of Cities
28. Fairs and Conferences
29. Famous Brand

VIII. On line media

30. Internet TV/Internet Channel
31. Video Log
32. Internet Spot
33. Virals

IX. Social Campaigns

34. Promotional Campaigns
35. Informational/Educational Campaigns

All films submitted in the above categories will be assessed in the following:

Best Director
Best Pictures
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best Music
Best Animation
Best Special Effects

From all the above-mentioned categories, film presenting the greatest artistic values can be rewarded with Grand Prix ART.