JURY 2013

Jury President

Zbigniew Żmudzki
president Se-Ma-For Film Studio, Oscar winner for the film „Peter and the Wolf” (film`s co-producer), director of the international animated film festival Se-ma-for Film Festival, Lead of the Film Working Group of the Program Committee of the Polish Tourfilm Academy

Jury Members

dr Terence Clifford-Amos
Dr Terence Clifford-Amos is an academic and professional consultant with many years of experience in universities in the United Kingdom and France. His doctoral thesis focused on the English Renaissance poet, Edmund Spenser. Terence is a former visiting fellow of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and as a student, he attended several universities in the UK, including the Royal College of Music, London Well-published in English Literature, Language and Education, the co-author of a major EC publication on teacher education in the former Soviet Union countries, he is currently working on a further EC project in the Western Balkans. Over the past 3 years, Terence has visited more than 25 countries in Europe and beyond, working as an international consultant in university accreditation, higher-education projects and reforms; in 2012, he briefly worked with academic colleagues at the University of Krakow.
Terence’s experience in higher education evaluation brought about his involvement in film work at the Silafest Festival, Veliko Gradište, Serbia, as jury member, and with Polish filmmakers as script consultant for a new film on the life of Nicolaus Copernicus. He is also currently working with the Serbian company Alternativa and the Austrian based Art-Media towards a major historical documentary and feature film on the beginnings of the Great War.
A former UK local-government politician, Terence was elected Mayor of Sandwich and Speaker of the Cinque Ports in 2010, during which time he liaised with Speakers of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and with politicians at Westminster.
When he finds some spare time Terence is a writer and musician. He is delighted to join the Polish Tourfilm Academy Jury for the Film Festival, 2013.

Paweł Lewandowski
director of the Marketing Instruments Department and a vice- president of Polish Tourism Organization, german market specialist (for many years director of Polish Tourism Information Centre in Berlin), vice- president of Polish Tourism Chamber.

Joanna Tryniszewska
journalist, television presenter, editor of news programmes. Collaborates with television since her studies . During twenty years of work in TVP Szczecin realized reportages, documentaries and cycle programmes representing Polish Television at national and international festivals. Her reportage “Chora kategoria” won a European Regional Television Contest „Circom Regionale” and received an award od president of Polish Television. Two productions – “Stacja PRL” and “Metryka Goździka”were nominated to Grand Press Award nad represented TVP at festivals: Japan Prize in Tokio and INPUT. Tourist series “Para w Polskę” received main award of Polish Tourism Organization, a series dedicated to mathematics „Nie udawaj Greka” – won special award of Chancellor of Gdańsk University. Her reportage about renewable energy: “The Blow of Energy” won a Silver Dolphin at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2012 and prize of Polish Wind Energy Association in IREW 2012 competition. All these productions were produced for nationwide broadcasting , as well as series dedicated to European Founds („Po sukces do Unii!” i „Potęga Funduszy”) and a cycle of programmes about European Parliament „Rue Wiertz 60” – which by EP was recognized as the best production in this category.
Joanna Tryniszewska was awarded two times as Journalist of the Year by Journalist Association and Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce.

Joanna Klimowska – Kronic
journalist and television editor of news programmes, author of reportages fot TVP Szczecin. For the tv reportage “The Blow of Energy” awarded Silver Dolphin at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2012 and prize of Polish Wind Energy Association in IREW 2012 competition. In 2013 from Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce received a title of the Journalist of the Year of Maritime Economy for a television series “Wiatr od morza” (“Wind from the Sea”). She was also an author of awarded by the president of Polish National Television tv cycle “Od niedzieli do niedzieli” (“From Sunday to Sunday”). Is a double prize-winner in competition of Television Production Agency for programme “Paragon” and “Pośrednik”. Till now she is an author of over 100 programmes, reportages and films.

Wolfgang Huschert
German producer and filmmaker, tourism promotion specialist. He is a director of the Tourism Media Award THE GOLDEN CITY GATE, an annual competition which takes place since 2001 at the ITB in Berlin and is a member of CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals).

Isti Madarasz
young talented Hungarian director. His film „Hungary – World of Potentials” produced by AERA Property & Destination, in 2010 won Grand Prix Tourist at FilmAT Festival and Grand Prix at Tourfilm Riga Festival. His film recieved also CIFFT Award for 2010. Expert of International Tourfilm Academy.
Before he made his first tourism releted work he directed several fiction short films which won many awards worldwide.
Isti's low budget short film about Budapest and hungarian technical inventions reached an astonishing 2 million views on the Internet and made the Government to ask him to create the official Hungarian imagefilm for Hungary's European presidency.
He just finished his first movie for the Hungarian Television and currently is working on his debut feature film due next year.

dr Alina Mleczko
lecturer at Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, teacher at F. Chopin Music School in Warsaw.
Polish saxophonist, published five solo albums, two of them were nominated to polish phonographic award “Fryderyk”, she was awarded by Classique in France for the album “Sjesta” and as Rewelacja Audio Video by the album “Fiesta”. American magazine “Saxophone Journal” dedicated her monographic article at the special issue about the Best saxophonists in the World.
As a solist in a classical repertoire for sax and symphonic orchestra performs with the best polish ensembles as Sinfonia Varsovia (tour in Germany with concerts of Alexander Glazunov music). She collaborated with such outstanding conductors as: Jacek Kaspszyk, Roman Kofman, Hermann Breuer, Michał Dworzyński ,Paweł Kotla.
Alina Mleczko takes part in many projects connected to improvise, alternative, jazz and ethno music. Is an author and performer of sound track to the film „Sen o kanapce z żółtym serem” by Daniel Kozakiewicz.

Andrzej Wolf
camera operator, a graduate of Film School in Łódź. Has collaborating with many famous directors, among others : Jan Kidawa- Błoński, Janusz Zaorski, Andrzej Wajda. Is a lecturer at Cinematography Courses at the Warsaw Film School. In 2003 was received Special Award of Polish Independent Cinema for promotion of young cinema in Poland. Is a member of OFF Film Academy.
Selected filmography: „Matka królów” (1982), „Manna” (2007), „ Syberiada Polska” (2011)
Film “Toruń – city of festivals” by Andrzej Wolf in 2012 was a prize- winner at many CIFFT Festivals. Among other he received a Prize of the Mayor of Karlovy Vary.

Andrzej Danowski
director of the PTTK Centre for Natural Photography in Łódź and .the publisher of the regional quarterly PTTK "Wędrownik", which has been in circulation for over 52 years.
He has been a photographer for over 40 years, takes pleasure in photographing heritage buildings, monuments, and beautiful landscapes.
He trains tourist guides and is an Euro -NGO specialist, a EU fund raising program for non-governmental institutions. Currently, Mr. Danowski presides over the PTTK Heritage Protection Commission; he is also a vice chairman of the ZG PTTK Natural Photography Commission. Mr. Danowski is a member of the Board of the Heritage Protection Society in Warsaw and a member of the Management of the Provincial Tourist Organization in Łódź.
Andrzej Danowski is a graduate of Łódź Polytechnics and University of Łódź. Mr. Danowski has received a Golden Cross of Merit, a Badge of Honor in Tourism and Culture, a Golden Badge of Honor for Heritage Protection, and a number of distinctions from PTTK, including the Golden Honorary Badge of PTTK. He has also received many provincial awards. The two awards that Andrzej Danowski holds dearest to his heart are the Honorary Fryderyk Kremser's Award and Special Award at the International Tourist Film Festival.

JURY 2013

Jury President

Paweł Lewandowski
director of the Marketing Instruments Department and a vice- president of Polish Tourism Organization, german market specialist (for many years director of Polish Tourism Information Centre in Berlin), vice- president of Polish Tourism Chamber.

Jury Members

Barbara Koniecka
film director, screenwriter, a graduate of Film School in Łódź, at the course of animation directing.
Author of animated and promotional films. Winner of many awards at international festivals, among others: Grand Prix Art at 5th Film Art & Tourism Festival and Award for Innovation at Tourfilm Brazil for her debut “Takie Miasto” (“Such a city”). Expert of Polish Tourfilm Academy.

Artur Białachowski
director, operator, editor, photographer, president of the Muuwi Film Studio, founder and director of Spa TV, winner at the 1st FilmAT Festival (formerly International Tourfilm Festival), Polish Tourfilm Academy Member

Ivana Bilkova
director of Czech Tourism Office in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. From 2002 to 2006 was a vice-minister of Ministry of Regional Development of Czech Republic. She is intrested in travels and cultures of other countries, has many favourites places in Poland which exprores already from seven years.

Mag. Franca Maria Kobenter
president of the board of Austria.info in Warsaw. Since september 1998 represents austrian tourism in Poland. Before for 14 years was a head of marketing department of foreign-language markets in Promotion Office of Salzburgerland, she was also a spokespearson of promotion office of Carinthia. In private is a fan of mountains, passionately keen skier, enthusiast of culture, art and good cuisine, as well as admirer of independent european and near east cinema.

Olga Piekarzewska
main specialist in Department of Tourism, Ministry of Sport and Tourism

Krzysztof Masiuk
a native highlander, explorer, sailor, passionate photographer; professionally an environmentalist; secretary of the National Ecological Council; lover of Polish mountains; devoted to the Bieszczady and Beskidy mountains, which he has wandered inch by inch with his backpack. He has authored numerous photo reports of the Caribbean, Seychelles, Cyclades, Aeolian Islands, and Spitsbergen among others. He has won many international and domestic awards. His latest project “Zakochaj się w Polsce nocą” (Fall in Love with Poland at Night) shows the beauty of Polish cities and towns seen at night.

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