OF THE 10th Film, Art & Tourism Festival - FilmAT

Paragraph 1
The Festival is managed by the Festival Board.

Paragraph 2
Presentation and evaluation of the audio-visual productions, of their artistic level and essential content is the aim of the Festival. Festival supports also development of national and foreign tourism as well as it helps in international promotion of submitted movie productions. Festival presents also current promotional trends.

Paragraph 3
International promotion of the City of Warsaw is also the aim of the Festival.

Paragraph 4
Film, Art & Tourism Festival - FilmAT in Warsaw is a member of International Committee of Tourfilm Festivals - C. I. F. F. T. ( Comité International des Festivals du Film Touristique) with a seat in Vienna.

Paragraph 5
The programme of the Festival includes also seminars, discussions and experience exchange among representatives of tour trade, authors, journalists as well as concurrent cultural, social and commercial events.

Paragraph 6
Festival accepts films, television productions and spots promoting tourism and leisure time activities, cultural heritage, ecology subjects as well as commercial and social interests in tourism. Movies presenting nature, history, tradition, culture ( culinary culture, folklore, artistic craft) of different regions of the world take part in FilmAT too.

Paragraph 7
We invite to participate all artistic productions, feature films, animations, made in different techniques to encourage authors to promote tourist and cultural values in creative ways.

Paragraph 8
In the Festival can take part productions for adults, youth and children.

Paragraph 9
The statutory prizes of national competition and international competition are awarded in the following categories:
1. GRAND PRIX TOURISM for the best film of the Festival in the field of tourism;
2. GRAND PRIX ART for the film presenting best artistic values;
3. Spot promoting country, region or city;
4. Commercial Spot (advertising: Travel Agencies, hotels, services, products);
5. Tourist Film - film or documentary programme on tourism and travels presenting history, tradition and local culture (art, architecture, craft, folklore, cuisine, nature, landscape values) - maximum length 60 min.;
6. The best pictures;
7. The best screenplay;
8. The best music.

Paragraph 10
Festival’s Jury will award Best ecological films:
1. GRAND PRIX ECOLOGY – for the best film in the field of ecology;
2. Ecology film - promoting nature conservation and natural values;
3. Film in NATURE category – most beautiful presentation of nature;

Paragraph 11
Best films for youth and children will be awarded by:
1. GRAND PRIX JUNIOR– for the best film for youth and children;
2. Award for the best film for children.
3. Award for the best film for youth.

Paragraph 12
Scientist Jury will give TOURIST OWL for the best document for scientist.

Paragraph 13
The selective committee appointed by Board of the Festival will choose movies from submitted productions for the movie competition. Committee can in well-founded case change category of submitted production or to direct it to not competes section.

Paragraph 14
The competitive productions are evaluated by international Jury, appointed every year by Board of the Festival. Jury consists of movie and television creators, experts from tour trade, critics and movie producers. Decision of Jury is final. The members of Jury can not submit their own productions to movie competition.

Paragraph 15
1. International Jury will give statutory awards cited in § 7 and §8. Every production can be awarded by more than one award.
2. Jury and Director of the Festival can also give extra-schedule special awards.

Paragraph 16
Applications 1. Productions should be submitted in at least two copies.
- Prefered languages versions of video spots and films are Polish and English.
2. In FilmAT 2015 movies produced in years 2013-2015 can take part.
3. Copies of the films should be sent together with application form to address: Ewa Kotus, FilmAT Festival, Skrytka pocztowa 15, 01-583 Warszawa 32, Poland.
4. For promotion purposes, summaries of subject, photos ( format .jpg or .gif) as well as promotion materials can be joint to every production.
5. Costs of delivering the movies to the Office of Festival in Warsaw are covered by the participants. We do not give back sent materials.
6. Deadline of submissions of national competition ends on 10th of April, 2015, deadline of submissions of international competition ends on 10th of April, 2015.
7. Movie submitted to the movie competition has to be in perfect technical state and ready for presentation.
8. Both cover and carrier must contain the following information: title, time of duration, language of production.
9. Every production has to be delivered on separate carrier.
10. Board of the Festival is not responsible for damages resulted from delivery of the films.

Paragraph 17
The submission of production to the festival competition is paid.

Paragraph 18
1. Every participant is responsible for content of submitted work and for eventual problems related to copyright.
2. Person who submits a movie has every rights to present submitted production according to regulation of the Festival.
3. Board of the Festival is not responsible towards third parties.
4. Board has right to reject movies or spots if their content or technical quality does not satisfy conditions of the Festival.

Paragraph 19
By signing the application form every participant agrees to use a film or a spot for free to promote the festival and during festival projections.

Paragraph 20
The submission of production means full acceptance of all points of above mentioned regulation.

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