10th Film Art & Tourism Festival


"Keys to the Castle" - an educational video prepared by the Royal Castle in Warsaw, based on a very simple idea, which in a very direct moves the imagination of children and youth, inspired the International Tourfilm Academy to hold an international Conference entitled "Culture Education". During conference Jagoda Pietryszyn from Education Department in Royal Castle presented the project. The conference accompanies the tenth anniversary edition of the International Festival of Tourist Environmental and Artistic Film FilmAT. The main partner of the conference is the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Patrons of Conference and Gala are: Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Polish Tourist Organisation, Polish Film Institute, the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals CIFFT with the UNWTO World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association and the European Travel Commission. The conference was accompanied by TVP Warsaw, filmmakers of International Tourfilm Academy, Bangladesh Television and crew from Indonesia.

A few words about the Academy. Eight years ago, the Management Board of the Festival FilmAT founded the Polish Tourfilm Academy. After that International environment decided to appoint the International Tourfilm Academy. President of the International Tourfilm Academy is Alexander V. Kammel - founder and director of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals CIFFT, an organization that for 27 years has been chosing the most beautiful tourist film in the world. Partners and members of the Academy are important for tourism and film colleges, world tourism organizations, museums, film studios, companies and institutions. Conferences of Academy combines the environment associated to film - professional production and promotion through film. Important participants of the conference are scientists who evaluate how the tourist film changes and in which direction it goes. For three years, besides the festival awards International Tourfilm Academy gives a special statue tourist owl "Tourist Owl" for documents that can contribute to science. CIFFT organization prides itself on a valuable film archive that is used to create a scientific publication about the tourist film in the world. We are proud that the FilmAT Festival was accompanied by International Tourfilm Academy Conference entitled "Culture Education". Cultural education is one of the most beautiful themes in the tourist film because it touches rich cultural heritage of different countries of the world, therefore those films are created by real artists. We invite you to meet with artists and to participate in the film feast.

We would like to strongly emphasize the participation of important personalities from the world.

Conference was opened by director Ziemowit KoĽmiński from Royal Castle and Alexander V. Kammel - the president of International Tourfilm Academy, who is a great expert of the movie. Alexander V. Kammel is a director of the most famous and the biggest in Europe Festival in Cannes - Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards - whose statuette of white a dolphin is a dream of every filmmaker. It is worth mentioning that he is an aristocrat and class with which he holds the festival in the European capital of cinema is emphasized by the media worldwide.

One of the lecturer on the conference was Mr. Andreas Zimmermann's - Head of Education Department in a famous Museum of the History of Art from Vienna - The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. The museum is an initiator of the great, extremely artistic project "Ganymed Goes Europe", in which three museums cooperated: the Museum of the History of Art in Vienna, the National Museum in Wrocław and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.

Prado Museum of Madrid - the Museo del Prado - presented their activities in the field of cultural education. We host the general manager of the Museum Mrs. Cristina Alovisetti.

Mr. Markus Schreyer - Regional Director of Marketing for Eastern and Central Europe in Starwood Hotels & Resorts – presented an artistic movie "A New Imperial History - Memories are the future" proudly promoting the historic Hotel Imperial in Vienna.

Zbigniew Żmudzki – Film Studio Se-ma-for, winner of Oscar for the film "Peter and the Wolf" – spoke about the use of animation for educational and tourist purposes.

"Unity in diversity" - this intriguing topic was discussed by Wima Brahmanta - film producer from Indonesia, a beautiful and exotic country with a rich culture heritage. Loic Gatteau - film producer from France, who for many years has lived in Poland, took a broad topic of "Franco-Polish cultural integration".

Our most talented polish filmmakers whose films were already awarded at the FilmAT Festival and other festivals associated in CIFFT discussed their latest work. Zdzisław Cozac, a specialist in extremely artistic documents, talked about his work about the beginnings of the Polish state and its cooperation with TVP Historia. The presentation was accompanied by a honorary guest of the Conference Director of TVP Historia - Dr. Tadeusz Doroszuk.

Gregory Bogaczewicz - promotes Poland through film highlighting the cultural richness of our country.

Cuba Sito - a specialist in tough challenges related to the promotion of Poland through the movie - has also become an expert of difficult subject: the cooperation between the filmmakers and the public institutions in the field of fundraising.

10th Festival FilmAT and big winners

The jubilee tenth edition of the FilmAT Festival resulted in plenty of very good films from 35 countries. The jury worked in the headquarters of the Polish Tourist Organisation in two committees: national and international. National jury, chaired by Ivana Bilkova, an experienced specialist of promotion through film, the director of the Czech Tourist Authority - CzechTourism in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, emerged the best Polish productions that according to regulations passed to the international competition.

In the international competition of the FilmAT Festival jury composed of experienced filmmakers, winners of the world's highest awards including an Oscar, as well as high-level specialists in different thematic groups.

International jury gathered in the following composition:

Zbigniew Żmudzki - an experienced, well-known filmmaker, Oscar winner for the film "Peter and the Wolf"

Honorary judges:
Elizabeth W±sowicz-Zaborek - Vice President of the Polish Tourist Organisation

Alexander V. Kammel - Founder and Director of the International Organisation of Tourism Film Festivals CIFFT in Vienna, which brings together the most serious tourist film festivals in the world, director of the "Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards" Festival, the President of the International Tourfilm Academy

Jury members (in alphabetical order):
Konrad Aksinowicz - director, author of many commercials and music videos for Polish and foreign record labels, creator of award-winning film "Move your Imagination"

Ivana Bilkova - Director of Czech Tourist Authority - CzechTourism in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Magdalena Czaja - One of the most influential women in the polish advertising, awarded the title of "Ad Woman Brief 2010". Long-term Vice-President of the Bureau of the Committee of Ethics in Advertising, a member of the board of the Marketing Communication Association SAR and the Committee of Effie.

Grzegorz Gajewski - Director of the regional branches of TVP, well-known filmmaker, winner of the CIFFT festivals

Emilia Kubik – The leader of tourism projects of the Polish Tourist Organisation aimed at strengthening the competitive position of Poland on Asian markets

Hugo Marcos – Director of the International Tourism Film Festival ART & TUR affiliated to CIFFT

Olga Piekarzewska - Chief specialist in the Department of Tourism in the Ministry of Sport and Tourism

Ernest Rogalski – Author, director and editor of many corporate and marketing films. Co-Producer of the film "Warsaw, 1935", the laureate of FilmAT in 2014

Barbara Tutak - Director of marketing planning department in the Polish Tourist Organization

Members of the jury watched over 160 films from around the world. The diversity of individuals and their ratings contributed to the emergence of the most interesting production in each category.

Among the big winners the significant role played videos promoting tourism and culture of Austria. This year's jury deliberations resulted in the highest prize GRAND PRIX in each of the major categories.

Grand Prix ART went to an artistic movie "A New Imperial History - Memories are the Future" produced by Imperial - a luxurious five-star hotel situated in the heart of Vienna.

GRAND PRIX TOURISM was given to two films:

Realized by the Swiss Tourist Organization "Time," which in an unusual way presents the possibility to escape from the noise and rush of everyday life.

And "Could only happen in Gent" which with great humor promotes tourism of Belgium

GRAND PRIX ECOLOGY was received by documentary film “Escape to Papua New Guinea”, realized by talented Czech filmmakers - Libor Spacek and Petra Doležalová.

This year, the jury also decided to give a prestigious award for a film with a contribution to science. There were two films honored with Statuette "Tourist Owl" - both in national and international category. It is the third and the fourth award of this type in the ten-year history of the festival.

In the polish part of the contest „Tourist Owl” was awarded to „The Hidden Craddle of the Dynasty”, directed by Zdzisław Cozac. The documentary reveals sensational discovery of archeologists in Kalisz - the first seat of the Piast Dynasty and reminds us of the oldest Polish legends.

In the international competition "Tourist Owl" statuette was awarded to the film "The Northern Lights - A Magic Experience" - 25-minute documentary produced by Norwegian astrophysicist Pål Brekke, who takes us on a journey through a breathtaking places. By using the highest quality animation and spectacular images from NASA satellites, it tells the whole story of the aurora borealis - from myth to science. The film is full of interesting historical anecdotes and provides guidance on how to make your own great photos of the aurora borealis.

We must emphasize the special award for the Royal Castle in Warsaw, who prepared an educational film "The Key is in the Castle" and inspired the theme of the Conference of International Tourfilm Academy titled "Culture Education."

The jury admitted that each year more impressive productions comes into view., which undoubtedly proves the growing interest in film as a tool for tourism promotion.

Ten years of FilmAT Festival

FilmAT - International Festival of Tourist, Environmental and Artistic Film works on the international market for ten years. It is the only festival of such profile in Poland and the only one who is a member of the international organization CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals). FilmAT is associated with a great group of festivals from around the world.

CIFFT has been working for 26 years bringing together the most important festivals of tourism films from different parts of the world. It is present in the European capital of the cinema in Cannes, because of most elegant and famous festival Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. It also has a festival in world’s capital of the cinema - Los Angeles - "US International Film & Video Festival. The organization took the first step to Asia by creating “Baku Tourism Film Festival” in the capital of Azerbaijan. The largest Fair ITB Berlin has two important festivals: "The Golden City Gate" and "Toura d'Or". The oldest International Tourfilm Festival “Tourfilm Karlovy Vary” is a dignified member of CIFFT. CIFFT is the only organisation in the world that at the end of each year makes a selection of the most beautiful tourist film of the world (according to the results of all the CIFFT’s Festivals), providing this information widely to international media, as well as to the world of science in cooperation with Tourfilm Academy.

Organizers of FilmAT Festival are very actively involved in the promotion of Poland through film, showing greatest "pearls". Just see the effects of this international promotion. In previous years, there were many Polish production on the list of the best tourist films of the world: in 2013 an unusual spot "Touch the Mystery" of Lower Silesia, in 2011 a beautiful spot "Lublin. Let the moment last" promoting Lublin region and the equally beautiful, highly-winning spot of the Polish Tourist Organisation "Move Your immagination", in 2010 "Frideric 2010" promoting Year of Chopin and the heritage of our great composer, as well as spot "Warsaw. Capital of Culture 2016" by Agnieszka Holland and Magdalena Łazarkiewicz. The biggest number of statuettes Grand Prix at all festivals and a title of the most beautiful tourist film in the world was given to the film "Lodz city of culture" by Professor Wojciech Bruszewski - Grand Prix CIFFT, 2008.

Every year the festival has the patronage of prestigious international organizations: the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals CIFFT with the UNWTO World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association and the European Travel Commission. From the Polish side there is always Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Polish Tourist Organisation and the Polish Institute of films. This year the festival has also the patronage of the Minister of the Environment.


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